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Environmental Management and Information Planning System (EMIPS)

A Management Plan has already been developed for the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, and provides guidance on key issues. The challenge now facing the Management Team is to implement the Plan efficiently and effectively and to ensure that the objectives for the Park are achieved. During this process it is vital to have access to the large amounts of information that have been collected for the site and to be in a position to react to new circumstances or findings as appropriate.

EMIPS is a map-based, electronic information and planning system that provides a logical and organised system in which all the uses and features of the area can be assembled, understood, assessed and updated. EMIPS not only stores the data in a systematic way, but provides structured, computerised linkages between each part of the system. It thus acts as both a reference and a guide for managers, and means that the potential impacts of activities and management interventions at the site are considered in an unbiased way.








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