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Press release: Semporna Coral Seas Roadshow


The following can be downloaded as PDF documents as follows:

SIDP News 1

Introducing SIDP

The challenge ahead

Park profile

SIDP launched with Boatshow and Workshop

SIDP Plans 2005-2008


SIDP News 2

Consultations continue

Community feedback

Reef top gleaning in TSMP

Reef check training

Giant clam ranching trials


SIDP News 3

Getting the messages over

Reef fish surveys

Community census

Gathering fishery information

Introducing the current regulations

Patrol Report Book


SIDP News 4

Hatchery news

SIDP gives threatened fish a helping hand

Reefs in the Park suffer at the hands of fish bombers

Progress on Park regulations

Crown-of-thorns starfish clean-up


SIDP News 5

Surveys document reef change

SIDP Roadshow 2007

BBC TV visits project site

Assessing fishing activities

SIDP News 6

Net closing in on fish bombers

SIDP Symposium 29th – 31st January 2008

Status and Management of Coral Reefs in Sabah

Seaweed farming initiaitve for Bajau Laut

SIDP News 2010

Re-introducing endangered giant clams to the reef

Semporna Coral Seas Roadshow

Promoting alternative livelihoods

Portable models of the Park

Marine Biodiversity Training Course






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