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Background and objectives for SIDP 2009-2011
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Background and objectives for Semporna Islands Darwin Project 2009-2011

This Darwin Initiative ‘post project’ is building on the significant achievements of the main project (Semporna Islands Darwin Project 2005-2008) to ensure that the long-term goals for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park are met. The partners in the project are the Marine Conservation Society and Sabah Parks and the title of the new programme is ‘Capacity building to enhance Marine Protected Area effectiveness’. The main objectives are to:

  • Increase public understanding and support for management strategies within the Park. (Outreach Programme)

  • Enhance knowledge and skills within Sabah Parks in relation to biodiversity and its relevance to Park management. (Biodiversity information and training)

  • Provide local communities with increased opportunities to engage in alternative livelihoods, so helping to take pressure off reef resources. (Alternative livelihoods programme)



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